Trubrain Flight Formulas – Biohacking is now 300,002 years in the making

Trubrain Custom Drink Flight – At A Glance

Power through Procrastination

Mental Blockbuster

Verbal Fluency and Acuity

Mental Endurance Output

What if a small 1 oz drink could boost your brain productivity so much it was like unlocking an 8th day in your week?

Introducing the Trubrain Flight

300,002 years in the making ….

The Smithsonian estimates that humans first appeared 300,000 years ago. Since then bio-hacking has been one of the many things that make us unique as a species. It started with boiling water with fire ( which we inherited from our ancestors millions of years ago),getting lots of natural sleep (inside safe shelters),and natures most brilliant solution to stress was actually spending time in nature (which research says soothes our mood) and connection to people and dogs and good food.

We’ve spent the last 2 years moving biohacking forward and building on everything humans have achieved since fire.

Trubrain Flight
Trubrain Flight

Biohacking Isn’t a New Idea

Native Americans smoked tobacco for a sense of calm 7000 years ago, and 600 years ago coffee appeared as a stimulant in Yemen and Sudan. In the 1972 Corneliu Giurgea coined the phrase nootropic and since then the recent legalization of CBD ( cannabidiol) in 2014 in the USA and a wide range of other natural ingredients to boost brain function such as NAD+ and racetams.

We’ve spent the last 2 years as the only neuroscience team on the planet studying brains to find research backed solutions to anxiety,stress and ‘creativity block’.

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Trubrain is the only scientific research team on the planet right now bringing research backed solutions to brain function without an Rx

Chris Thompson – CEO Trubrain
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Barista Coffee, The Rise of Microbreweries ‘Boutique Pharma’  and our Brain ‘Amuse Bouche’

Look past the hipster beards and lack of socks and you’ll see the revolution all around you. People are rejecting the notion of a ‘black coffee’ for a more personalized approach ( you even get your name on the cup) and microbreweries have thrived as we all reject big bland corporate beer for the masses. The rise of Boutique Pharma was an inevitable result of this wave of change and an ethos we built our company on. We set out to create a custom range of natural, research science backed solutions to the mental challenges many of us have seen over the last 15 years not 15 days.

Like an Amuse Bouche for your Brain

As we sat in a microbrewery enjoying a flight of 4 taster beers last year it dawned on us that this ‘amuse bouche’ could work for your brain and our range of drink options and the idea of our ‘pharma flight’ was born.

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The Nurture V Nature question was the wrong question

The Human Genome Project was completed 20 years ago and in the 1990s was the moon landing of its era and yet it hasn’t yet really delivered on its promise of cancer cures and anti ageing. As we studied the results of our DNA we saw a common genetic timeline going back those 300,000 years and the realization that the environment around us, what we eat, our lifestyle and our health play as much of a role on what makes us US as our DNA does. This idea of Epigenetics is central to why our products enhance 300,000 years of evolution so well.

We use natural products like hemp to work with your most effective natural resource….. YOUR DNA. Hemp that’s grown here in the USA and used for a vast range of other uses.

Military Driven Tec

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Innovation from military driven technology is all around us. From the carbon fibre first used in military aircraft to the GPS you use anytime you set your car sat nav or go hiking with a garmin. The military use of nootropics like modafinil to aid USAF pilots on long missions.

We now face an unprecedented attention war against increasingly smart social media algorithms, email, text and TV that compete for our attention and distract us from our personal life mission. Our products shield you from this onslaught like a social media antivirus and nudge your Alpha Brain Waves back from the mental no mans land of your smartphones attention needs.

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Freedom from the ‘Activity Mind Prison’.

The next 300,000 for our species are going to be very different from the past. Even as we write this we are certain that the landscape for much in your life is about to alter… a great way. There are those that see the gig economy and working from home as freedom and there are those still hardwired to the past that fear the new opportunities out there.

We embrace this new potential landscape and a freedom from the traditional chains of what we call the ‘activity prison’ that is a hangover from a 1950s work culture that is finally losing its grip on business. A new generation recognize that activity does not equate to productivity and simply having your jacket on your chair at work doesn’t make you the company MVP.

The new working from home opportunities bring your chance to prove that productivity isnt linked to activity. This Deep Work ethos is at the forefront of the most creative people today.

Its time to escape your corporate prison and free your business mind.

Withstandinging the demands of the next 300,000 years

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The Most Iconic Brands Are All About Good Taste

Isolated scientific studies are not enough. The health supplement industry ignores too many variables and results in a product that contains all the right ingredients but in a format that isnt aligned with use outside the lab. We have spent two years ensuring that the levels of the product de lo overdid to your body are effective, that the drinks are stable for long term storage and dont degrade and importantly taste good.

Paintbrush, Labcoat, Body Armour or Wetsuit ?

We found 4 variations of our drink that were effective with 90% of our the people we worked with. Our flight test option gives you a James Bond like selection of solutions to everything that the next 300,000 is going to throw at our species.

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Our 4 Superhero Formulas

Our existing strong Boost ‘Parietal Paintbrush‘ fueled directors at the Hollywood Film Festival, helped writers with ‘block’ and creative musicians and artists to unleash creativity on demand with one drink.

Our new Extra Strong ‘Grey Matter Labcoat‘ formulation helped top scientists,doctors and surgeons stay at their mental peak over long enduring hours. It also helped endurance athletes on extreme records and adventures as our species expanded into new frontiers.

The new Mellow ‘Brain Body Armour‘ formulation lifted people and shielded them from stress and anxiety all around, giving them the mellow freedom to bravely grasp their daily goals.

Our new Medium ‘Brainwave Wetsuit ‘ formula aided people looking to embrace the idea of Cal Newports ‘Deep Work‘ and stay in a deep creative work state for long periods of time.

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We don’t know which one of these you are, or which combination you will be, but we do know from our research that combinations of these 4 work for 90% of the people we studied.

Which Brain Hero are You?

Whether its powering through procrastination or mental blocks, boosting your verbal dexterity or upping your mental endurance output these 4 drink combos will meet the extreme demands you crave.

Just one fluid ounce unlocks that ‘Eighth Day in the Week’.

Even if you’ve tried our Trubrain Boost in the past this gives you the tailor made suit solution to our Trubrainiacs when in the past we could only give you off the peg.

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