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Why Indiana Jones, A Jellyfish and a Perfect Lasagne recipe helps us understand how to slow Brain Aging with NAD.

Everyone uses the term ‘Holy Grail’ too often these days. So when the movie hero Indiana Jones drinks from the Holy Grail and is granted immortality, we aren’t surprised it comes with a catch…… that he can’t leave the temple and must drink from the grail every day to remain ‘ageless’.

We are surrounded with a multi billion dollar industry of scientific innovations to help us look youthful for longer but until recently it’s been less easy to get some of our youthful ‘brainpower’ back. Now the science research behind aging is finally converging into something that can help stop those ‘walk into a room and have no idea what I’m here for’ moments or the ‘I can picture their face but I can’t remember their name’ situations.

Biologists in the 1990s discovered that a jellyfish called Turritopsis dohrnii was immortal and there is also a type of pond scum called Tetrahymena that lives forever

What is NAD

NAD+ is Like Brain Polish

We explain in more depth what NAD is here but as the understanding and applications for the many ways ageing happens in humans continues, a small naturally occurring molecule known as NAD+ has been identified as a key player in keeping your brain at its best. As we get older the levels of it decrease, and worse still our ability to make it AND recycle it reduces. Recent research shows that simply taking supplements with NAD+ isn’t enough so Trubrain have created a ‘magic thinking bullet’ called Clockwise designed to give the ‘veteran’ brain everything it needs to not only increase the amounts of NAD+ but also maintain them and recycle them efficiently.  We also have a more detailed blog about NAD here.

Immortality isn’t just a legend it’s been around us all along.

Immortal legends are a part of human folklore and storytelling, from the vampires and elves of stories to our very own Superman or Dorian Gray. If you think being immortal is just the stuff of legends you are wrong. Biologists in the 1990s discovered that a jellyfish called Turritopsis dohrnii was immortal and there is also a type of pond scum called Tetrahymena that lives forever and was the basis of a Nobel Prize in 2009 for understanding how chromosomes ‘lose’ a little bit of their tips every time they are copied and thus ‘age’ an organism. More recent research in a molecule known as NAD+ has also highlighted its multiple roles in the body and how decreased amounts lead to many of the effects of ageing.

NAD+ Trubrain Clockwise
NAD+ and Ageing Trubrain Clockwise

NAD+ Turns Back the Clock on Ageing

 NAD+ is a molecule in your body that is now understood to have over 1000 uses. In the fight against damage and ageing it acts like a multi tool for keeping your brain and body at its peak.NAD+ helps keep your cells producing the most energy possible in the ‘engines of cells’ known as mitochondria. It also improves mental clarity and cognitive function, finds and repairs damaged DNA and extends cell life by decreasing inflammation.

NAD Health Benefits

 NAD+ How Your Brain Gets Old Just Like Your Body

There are a few supplements on the market already that have recipe ingredients to give your body the raw materials it needs to make NAD+ but in doing so this simple idea isn’t enough, as it fails to realize the differences with an older persons metabolism. Those jumping quickly into the health market have failed to take the time to understand all the body pathways that affect this molecules decline in people as they age.

As we get older we use up more NAD+ and also our ability to make it and recycle it also declines.

The ‘Brain Kitchen’ and why great ingredients are not enough for the perfect meal.

These NAD + issues are rather like being a chef in a kitchen making a great lasagne. When you are younger it’s easy to get the raw ingredients you need in abundance and everything in your ‘new kitchen’ works perfectly. You make great lasagne with great ingredients and everyone gets fed. Your kitchen utensils and appliances work perfectly and the dishwashing machine cleans the plates, cutlery, pots and pans perfectly ready for the next meal. 

NAD+ Trubrain Clockwise
NAD and Aging

Life is good.

As you age you find that your ‘kitchen analogy’ highlights some issues. Firstly you can’t source the ingredients in quite the amounts you need for your perfect lasagne and because your fridge doesn’t work as well you find your raw ingredients go off quicker. This means you have to ‘make do’ with a little bit less parsley, not quite as much meat and less vegetables. Worse still the oven and dishwasher don’t quite work as well and now you find the cooking isn’t as consistent, the plates are sometimes a bit dirty, and the more that you use the slightly dirty things in the kitchen the more they seem to be causing even more issues with the fridge, oven and dishwasher. It’s a downward spiral that gets worse.

These issues in our ‘brain kitchen’ are what causes the NAD+ decline, a lack of quality ingredients that often degrade quicker, an inability to assemble the ingredients as well as we used to and a less effective dishwasher to recycle everything we use each time.  We are sure you can now see why simply taking supplements (more ingredients) alone isn’t enough to get your brain working like new.

 We need to tackle the whole kitchen to get back to that lasagne we used to love.

NAD Benefits
NAD Benefits

Trubrain Clockwise – Raising and Maintaining NAD+ levels

 You now understand why a three step approach is important to get NAD+ back to a youthful level.

Firstly boosting the raw ingredients makes absolute sense, and Clockwise contains all the raw ingredients for that perfect ‘lasagne’.

Secondly we use other naturally occurring molecules to make sure those raw ingredients are available for as long as possible and not ‘degraded’ in the body quickly (which happens when you get older).

Finally we also make sure that the NAD+ is being recycled as efficiently as possible.

We do this by combining a wide range of naturally occurring products in levels that have the best effect. 

NAD+ Trubrain Clockwise
NAD+ and Aging

Clockwise – Ingredients for the Perfect ‘Brain Kitchen’ 

Niacin (Vitamin B3)  is found in many foods including yeast, meat, fish, milk, eggs, green vegetables, beans, and cereal grains and is one of the main ingredients your body uses to make NAD+

Parsley contains apigenin which helps prevent your NAD+ raw  ingredients from ‘going stale’.

Green tea extract (EGCG) helps stop raw ingredients being simply thrown away and allows them to be reused more easily.

Rutin (found in apples) helps keep the ‘dishwasher’ working as good as possible so the NAD+ can be recycled easily.

Alpha Lipoic Acid  is found in red meat and helps keep everything in the ‘brain kitchen’ running as well as possible.

What is NAD
What is NAD

Clockwise –  Great Ingredients Deserve the Best Kitchen 

As a result of our understanding our Clockwise product boosts NAD+ by about four times more than supplements that just use the raw ingredients so now when you think about our ‘brain kitchen’ analogy it’s easy to understand why.

We even tried the effects  with all the raw ingredients for NAD+ removed leaving only the things that help the ‘dishwasher’ and ‘fridge’  and found our formulation still partially boosted NAD+ ( nearly as much as a regular off the shelf supplement).

If you are tired of hearing about “scientific breakthroughs” without the proof you’ll be pleased to know we’ve teamed up with Labcorp to set you up with a blood test to compare and see how much your NAD has been raised with Clockwise.

NAD+ Trubrain Clockwise
NAD and Ageing

Clockwise Delivered to Your Door 

Is Clockwise going to make you immortal ? The answer sadly is no.  But given the research into the positive effects of boosting NAD+ levels as you get older it’s reasonable to accept that Clockwise will be effective at getting your brain back to the best it was. For now we continue to wait for science to bring the immortality secrets of the jellyfish or pond dweller to a product we can use to live forever , but while we wait you have the option to take one step closer to ‘brain youth’ with Clockwise. Combine this with a good nights sleep, suncream and eating well and you may just be at the cutting edge of youth without the need for a mythical chalice or a surgeons knife. 

Ammo For Aging

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