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CBD Gummies are for Dummies – How Bad Candy Ruins a Good Molecule.

CBD gummies don’t work. Your body needs CBD in an oil/liquid form to absorb enough of it to be effective. CBD gummies lack these oils. CBD is legal in the USA as a liquid it is still not legal as an ingredient in food.

Since the Farm Bill of 2018 made CBD legal in the USA the country has seen a huge rise in interest in CBD and there is plenty of research in liquid form to support its benefits across a wide range of benefits from chronic pain management, stress and anxiety and as a support for ADHD. The form that the CBD takes is crucial to how well your body absorbs it and there is simply no research to support its effectiveness in candy gummies which lack the oil that is vital for the CBD to pass into your bloodstream easily.

CBD Gummies – At a Glance

(Cannabidiol) is an extract from Hemp

CBD is now legal to use and buy in the USA following the Farm Bill of 2018

CBD has none of the ‘high’ or negative effects caused by the chemical THC in marijuana.

Health benefits including to help anxiety, PTSD, concentration, seizures and epilepsy and pain and inflammation

CBD Gummies lack the oil needed for the CBD to be effectively used by your body.

CBD Gummies – Smoke, Drink or Eat

There are a few ways you can get CBD into your body. Vaping or smoking would be one way but the dangers to your health are severe. The safest way to take CBD is by eating it or drinking it and there is a much bigger difference to drinking versus eating that you would think.

Trubrain CBD Oil
CBD Oil – Trubrain

In order to get CBD into our bodies at any kind of useful level we need to eat or drink it. This research from 2018 looked at 792 research articles to summarize what we know so far about how our body absorbs CBD in the various ways you can drink,eat or vape it. The conclusions were that CBD is best absorbed in liquid form with oil. Interestingly you absorb more CBD on a full stomach that on an empty one because your body needs oil to move the CBD into your bloodstream. Keeping a liquid in your mouth for a minute also increased absorption directly through your mouth too.

CBD Health Benefits

CBD gummies are not a liquid nor do they contain any of the oil needed to absorb CBD effectively into your body. They may work if you take after a large meal with fat in, but on their own their is basically no research to support that they work, and plenty to suggest that they are in the wrong state for you body to use properly.

CBD Ways to take it

CBD Gummies Quality – Broad versus Isolate

Whole-plant hemp extract works much better than isolated CBD alone. The ingredients we use for Trubrain Flow comes from a USA sourced hemp. Many CBD edibles that include things like sodas, candy or even coffee contain lower quality isolate CBD. Its important that you check you are buying from a reputable source in the USA making quality goods and avoid cheap foreign products with low quality standards.

is CBD legal

CBD Gummies – Don’t Rush – Sip and Savor.

Rather than gulp down a CBD drink or swallow a drop of CBD oil it actually makes sense to hold the liquid in your mouth for a while. Think of it like savoring a fine wine or brandy. That’s because while in your mouth the thin membranes allow the CBD to absorb quickly into your bloodstream. This is because CBD is easily absorbed through mucous membranes, including those in the lips, cheeks and tongue. This is slightly more difficult with a CBD Gummy as you can imagine.

CBD Gummy Trubrain
CBD Gummy Trubrain

CBD Gummies – Sugar is bad – RIGHT ?!

The age old Carb v Fat battle is back again here. We wrote an article about the benefits of a low carb diet here and how reducing processed sugar helps your mental wellbeing. The idea that chomping through loads of candy when you feel anxious actually seems pretty strange when you pause to think about it. The trouble with CBD in solid form is that its quite a bitter substance so you need a lot of sugar to make it more pleasant. This is less of an issue with a liquid form because you quickly swallow it without having to chew.

CBD Gummies
CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies – Keep Away from Kids

There has been a steady rise of adult products that have been cleverly geared to appeal to an underage audience. The rise of cool flavors and advertising in vaping and a similar tactic in alcoholic drinks has blurred the lines and its our view that selling CBD products that look like children’s candy sends a worrying message and one that Trubrain don’t want to be part of.

CBD Gummies – There is NO research on the effectiveness of CBD in Gummie form.

There are literally no research papers published to support that CBD gummies are effective. Have a look. Search on google an see what you find. It may be likely that anecdotal reports from people are as much a result of having eaten the gummies after a heavy meal which remember helps absorb CBD if there is enough fat) or it may simply be a placebo effect that makes some people say they are effective. There are certainly lots of people online asking why gummies don’t seem to work for them.

CBD Gummies
CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies – How Many Bears …. 2 …or 10 ?

Its the age old problem we saw with Goldilocks and her bears. Whats the ‘just right’ amount of CBD gummies for your needs? The answer is we don’t know and its likely an awful lot for a useable amount of CBD to get into your body.

CBD and the Law in USA states

CBD Gummies – CBD is Still Illegal as an Ingredient in Food in the USA

CBD is legal in a liquid or tincture form but it is still illegal to put it in food. Its pretty obvious that little gummies shaped like bears and packed with sugar or not a liquid…so they are food.

Why CBD Gummies Dont Work -Verdict

So now you know why CBD gummies don’t work. The effectiveness of CBD relies on it being taken into your body in an oil/liquid form. CBD gummies lack these oils so don’t work and tend to be made with lower quality ingredients. CBD is legal in the USA as a liquid it is still not legal as an ingredient in food.

CBD Trubrain Flow

You can find out more about our researched backed CBD liquid called Trubrain Flow here.

CBD Frequently Asked Questions

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is a naturally occurring chemical compound that you get from the Cannabis sativa plant. This is also known as Hemp or Marijuana. Due to recent changes in the law it is now possible to buy CBD in shops and online.

The chemical CBD is responsible for the feeling of calm and relaxation that people report when using Marijuana, so by using just CBD, you get all of the calm feeling without any of the psychoactive and negative effects of marijuana caused by a different chemical called THC. CBD is also being used in a a lot of other ways to help people with their health, and we cover many of them here in this blog.

What is CBD

CBD – Is It Legal In The USA?

We get asked this question a lot and the short answer is a resounding YES! We even wrote a more in depth blog here to cover every state in the USA.

The 2018 Farm Bill brought about the legalization of hemp — a form of the cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% of the psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In addition to changing how hemp farming is managed, the passing of the Farm Bill also removed hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) from the Controlled Substances Act. This was a significant compliance milestone for hemp-derived CBD products. The bill states that any cannabinoid that is derived from legally cultivated hemp material, in accordance with guidance given in Section 12619 of the Bill, would also be considered legal by extension for use and sale.

In short, CBD in the form that we sell it is legal in the USA.

Is CBD Legal in the USA

CBD Health Benefits

CBD has a number of health benefits including helping with chronic pain and inflammation, epilepsy, anxiety and stress. We wrote a more in depth blog about this here.

Health Benefits of CBD

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