WHat is NADH

What is NADH? The Emerging Area of Medical Research

NADH ( also known as NAD+) is an absolutely vital molecule doing over 500 things in your body including fighting aging, providing energy and repair. We know NAD levels decrease in our body leading to age related illnesses and now the use of NAD supplements is leading a new area of medicine looking to use NAD to treat everything from heart disease, diabetes, muscle weakness and even Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading What is NADH? The Emerging Area of Medical Research

NAD+ and Biological Aging

Biological Age and NAD+

We are used to measuring our age in years but as research delves deeper into the science of aging we become more aware that biological age can be very different from your actual chronological age. The two main players in biological age are things called Telomeres and a molecule called NAD+. In this article we … Continue reading Biological Age and NAD+

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